Your relationship with your money isn't perfect or easy like all relationships in life. However, with ongoing effort and commitment, you can strengthen your bond.

Financial self-care refers to taking the time to focus on your finances and make healthier money habits which leads to overall well-being and greater financial health. Adopt these some of the following practices to have a stable and healthy relationship with money.

Plan something special each month

Money is an instrument which is used to meet your needs, achieve your goals and ultimately brings you joy. If your money doesn't give you pleasure, then you are going to burnt out. Set aside your money in budget and plan something extra fun for you.

A good attitude towards your money

The right attitude towards your money can build your relationship stronger with your money. You could appreciate of what you already have, which helps you to buy less and make you happy.

Call timeouts

You just need some space from financial planning and think about money. Constantly worrying about reaching a financial goal, and pointing out every purchase cam do more harm. Maintain a balance.

Avoid comparisons

The comparison is trap. It seems like others have perfect relationship with money, however as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. This can have a negative impact on your own relationship with your own money.

Focus on your inner world

Focusing on your inner world can help you to become more aware. It helps you to understand your actions and reactions to various circumstances. Financial self-awareness is essential as well, it's critical when you are questioned about working more or fewer hours, buying a new car, and changing jobs.